Chair Judy Bowen, University of Waikato
Vice chair Nadia Pantidi, Victoria University of Wellington
Treasurer Annika Hinze, University of Waikato
Secretary Nic Vanderschantz, University of Waikato


Committee Members and Local Champions

Local champions are researchers in New Zealand institutions who are excellent contact points for learning more about what is happening in the SIGCHI_NZ scene, and to provide feedback to the committee.

  • Danielle Lottridge (University of Auckland)
  • Gerald Weber (University of Auckland)
  • Robert Wellington (Auckland University of Technology)
  • Sally Jo Cunningham (University of Waikato)
  • Dr Nilufar Baghaei (Massey University)
  • Dr Rachel Blagojevic (Massey University)
  • Craig Anslow (Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Simon McCallum (Victoria University of Wellington)

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